We are responsible Indians believes in one nation.
Till date all 'classified websites' in India were only dealing with urban Population. They never gave option to select remote district or village places. So a remote village dweller was unable to locate his place on 'classified website'. We have covered whole India, 35 States, 638 districts, 1,53,421 places (each and every remote place with minimum population of 1000.) Thus we have closed discrimination between Urban and Village population.
Till date classified websites were only limited to buy and sale mobile phones and bikes, at ideazunlimited it covers 860 Industrial products, its huge thing. It identifies 28 religions and 371 casts, faiths and ways of life to find life partner from matrimony. More than 110 Educational services and 106 type categories of jobs are identified. Each and every service provider (including NGO) and all type of Freelancing are covered in our portal,ideazunlimited

How we help people?

India is changing very fast due to courageous central government leadership. So we are passing through a different era, era where things are changing very fast (2017-18).
Everyone wants to upgrade mobile phone, bike, car, house so 90% population have been changed its behaviour from buyer to a SELLER.
Before twenty years, majour population was at 'buyers' mode only. Now large amount of used commodities are being sold within the market, than brand new products.( See the opportunity in it!)
Due to career focus, young generation do not get time to locate life partner.Due to jet fast life style, percentage of divorce is increased. In this scenario there is a huge hunting of 'matrimony' mining, which is fulfilled by ideazunlimited.
In this era of social networking people are searching for something new. A fresh look of ideazunlimited and its total programming is done by an 18 years young genius, which has taken more than one year and six months time to hit the target. Now it's here to serve the nation. Come unite the nation..