1. Use a good camera phone to shoot.
2. Keep background plane, or it will distract focus of main product.
3. Make sure of proper light, example; if window is open, does not shoot from inside the room, facing towards light. Stand at window side, keep item in front of you, keep back towards window now shoot, you will get proper light on the item.
4. Be sure that no glittering item is at the background, like LCD bulb or tube light or steel finish goods which may reflect light.
5. For matrimony every girl and boy must invest in basic 'make up'. Go to 'photo studio' portfolio, because they have high resolution (HD) camera, proper light system and professional touch to your photo. Upload H.D. image. Don't just casually take a photo (selfie) and upload.
Present yourself as a neat and clean person. Don't take snap of a printed photo. Don't upload selfie. Please remember, 'selfie' is for social media, at matrimony he or she is looking for a marriage material within you.
Not only he or she but mom, dad, sister, brother and many people are involved in this procedure. Imagine a handsome boy or a beautiful girl in her selfies... and a normal looking boy or a girl with sophisticated professional photo shoot, whom any Mom or Dad will prefer? Obviously.. who presented oneself in a better way .
6. For NGO's if you put photos of president, vice-president, secretary then you may get more response.
7. Don't upload blur image.