As we believe, 'safety' is more important, in any case. Here are some tips.
1. Never pay any one for interview in any corporate or for any government job.
2. Please find government registered “private employment services”.
3. Girls, while attending any interview keep someone with you.
4. Never present your original certificates at the time of interview.
5. Never submit self attested Xerox to even private employment exchange. Only write your name on Xerox. Or write time date under sign, with purpose of signing paper. Example: on Pan card Xerox mention date:12/4/2018 Time: 11.46 am Subject: Submitted For xxx job.
6. Abroad jobs with visa must be through authentic agency.
7. Never attend interview in any Hotel.
8. Never carry any parcel for anyone if abroad job is offered with ticket and visa.
9. Be very cautious while attending jobs in African countries and Gulf.
10. For any losses of paper or fraud with job, is not at all responsible, we are only advertising portal with limited responsibilities. Read terms and conditions please.