We "https://ideazunlimited.net/" is our responsibility is only to publish information whichever created by users, without editing. Buyers or sellers have to use their commonsense while dealing.
In case of fraudulent activity by buyer or seller a victim must inform Local police and ask for legal guidance and action. "https://ideazunlimited.net/" is not and never responsible for any fraud by any individual.
As we believe, 'safety' is more important, in any case. Here are some tips.
1. Never deal at remote place, which is far away from city, village or your residential place.
2. Never deal at place where light is very less, like pub, bar, corner of a city, village.
3. Never deal with a person who is drunk.
4. Girls, women should accompany with a matured person, whether male or female, friend or relative. Girls, women should not meet any person alone.
5. While dealing with cell phone or costly electronic item, ask for Full proof Invoice 'bill'. Don't deal if a seller is unable to produce copy of invoice 'bill'. It might be a stolen item.
6. Never accept a smart phone or any other electronic item which is locked with password and a seller is unable to give you password. It might be a stolen item.
7. While dealing with car, bikes please confirm chassis number. Please keep an expert with you, like a mechanic or RTO agent, or a person who knows which papers to see, while purchasing a vehicle.
8. After dealing any vehicle please inform your local RTO office, immediately.
9. Any item which is quoted for a very low price, than the market price, please do not deal with, it might be a fraud.
10. While accepting bulk order please check credentials of a person and ask for his photo ID.
11. Try to deal with your local city or local area.
12. Avoid cash transactions; make a digital payment, so that you should have a proof of payment.
13. If deal with cash, check the currency before handing over any Item.
14. If possible make a short non formal paper signed by both the parties. There are chances that sometimes a buyer may file a false case of 'stealing' or 'loss of,' after the deal.
15. Take photos or video shoot while handing over goods or money. And keep this evidence with you for at least next 3 months. Anyone who raises objection of taking photo or video shoot might be fraudulent person.
16. Please don't share your net banking passwords, debit or credit card passwords.
17. We "https://ideazunlimited.net/" never ask for any kind of password, related to any kind of payment from any person. We do not keep any record regarding any banking transaction.
18. Don't share irrelevant information like, how many members are in family, how many days you will be on vacation keeping house locked etc., with a person, you do not know.